Tuesday, March 28, 2006

George Mason is not the first mid-major in the final four since 1979

I've seen two definitions of mid-major: one is any school not in the top six conferences: Big Ten, Big East, ACC, SEC, Pac 10, Big 12. The other is any school in a conference that doesn't have Division 1-A football.

By any measure, UMass was a mid-major in 1995.

You could also argue the most recent mid-major was Marquette in 2003. There are others; how about UNLV, Utah, Memphis. You could even count Louisville under the first definition.

The difference with George Mason is they came out of nowhere. They are definitely the first mid-major since 1979 to make a truly surprise run to the Final Four. But even in 1979, Indiana State was not a surprise; only Penn was.


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